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The world of domain names is not now what is was in the past. Domain World Update. The beginning of any industry is an exciting time, but that does not mean that there is no money to be made. Big deals make landmark money targets all the time. Five-figure deals still occur, and it is easier now than in the past to rationalize a domain investment given corporate branding goals and marketing needs for mature companies and divisions. While the initial land grab is over and done with, the “gold rush” now favors anyone who will put in the time writing offer letters and fielding

In the mature Market for Domains, profit taking is announced weekly on domain blogs measuring success in the domain auction sites. Private sales do occur, but the transfer of names is followed by independent researchers all over the world. And name sales can be conducted in any currency mutually agreed upon between two principals of any deal or name sale. The online auction sites and domain forums match up buyer and seller directly.

Domains as a currency have developed since their inception as available names in the 1990’s. Domain names are something everyone on the Net now understands, versus what was the case in the early days of 1991, when few people understood what they were or what the market was. In those days, domain names were as arbitrary as an understanding of how dense fiber connectivity worked. In the consequential decades, the market online between individuals can produce income and profits in the millions of dollars.

Domainers is a professional niche for entrepreneurs who work producing private deals to vend and purchase domain names from other domain name owners, domain registrars, and other affiliated companies qualified to sell domains, such as auction websites. There is no age limit or gender requirement to become a domainer. There are few limits to what a domainer can achieve, and the sales strategy and development models are precisely what each and every individual domainer determines themselves.

To online entrepreneurs, domainers are people who only trade in domain names. Now, this career has developed into a sideline, a  full-time occupation, or a hobby. The online world of domaining can translate somewhat to the real-world sales environment, with many positive attributes besides. The limitless possibilities of online domaining are unique in no-fuss entrepreneurship. Domainers have the sky as their limit.

The new domain begins at the hand-registration stage, as the buyer obtains the domain from a one-time transaction from an online platform.  Then administrative control transfers to a new owner. The control of the domain in a type-in situation then directs to a parking page, or a landing page of a developed website. The sales cycle of a domain can last for years and can move through the hands of many owners. Some will be intending to develop it into a website; others may simply view it as a tacit investment that will be vended onward to another buyer through the bidding-and auction dynamics of the domain world.

Unlike the real world, however, aging of the product does not occur. In fact, online today any domain expands its potential outward because technology, culture and internet combine to develop new markets for every name. The world today in commerce, in culture and services invents new domain profit possibilities with the passage of time. And with the evolution of products and companies in the brick and mortar world as well as the online global horizon, optimal growth in their services and products mean infinite opportunities for imaginative and motivated sellers.

In how many sales markets today can do-it-yourself bootstrap entrepreneurs of limited means join a global platform of business opportunities with no geographical limit on their sales territory? Unlike many bricks-and-mortar sales industry conventions, looks and fine clothes may not matter. It’s what resides in the domain name you own that matters. And since you create it, you get to define what is it you may be selling online, through calls, emails, and letters, for however long you intend to stay in the business! Domaining does not require a college degree or a certificate. Research into the world of domaining happens at the individual’s own pace and preference.

In the current environment of domain sales, there are the auction sites, various authorized registrars, and individuals or corporate resale portals. In a unified way, inside certain pathways, investment is recognized by the International Corporation for names. Inside the ICANN global marketplace, various types of category and told markets rule. TLD stands for Top Level Domain, which refers to dot-com, dot-net, ad dot-set of alphabetical or numerical characters which make up the domain.

In the expanding world online, domains have a perfect “shelf” life all their own. The name is a simple media value; it does not degrade or fade away. For purposes of investment value, many domains can compare favorably to questionable art or dodgy automobiles, whose operability and value made be damaged in time or simply melt away. Yet that risk does not occur in domaining. A domain investor of any size portfolio can afford warehousing costs for mere media. Micro-costs are what keep a domaining career affordable.

The opportunity of today with domains is in digital advertising. What was once a technology of the future is now a reality of today. In terms of ad space or link referrer fees, nobody sneezes at talking about digital advertising or understanding what participation with it means. Just parking on many unused domain landing pages can be lucrative. This is what is referred to as “zero click” marketing. For domainers, advertising profit streams come from affiliate programs and Google ad revenues.

But from an external standpoint, Domaining is a relatively pain-free career choice. The object is to reap profit from sales of domains. But there are affiliate revenues and parking and other possibilities of passive earnings a swell. The metrics of Internet content is the matrix that will attach added value and a product lifecycle beyond that of a simply bricks-and-mortar product. The content is delivered via a never-ending stream of video segments, data blurbs, teaser headlines, mobile apps, and destination websites with hybrid functionalities.

Yes, the Internet has grown up.  But that does not mean profit is out the window. It just means the easy money is not as present as before. Today the market is not always about new domains but established names. Domains names are not only valued of their own intrinsic value. In that estimation, it would be a “reg-fee” situation. The purchase of the name, and ICANN registration and the associated fees is what the base cost of owning a domain is.

The cost of annual renewal at the registrar of record.  But the domain market today includes past history usage that also contributes dollar value. The newer estimation of a domain might include intangible assets like customer relationships, established brand name and/or recognizable branded value, extant bookmarks from regular site visitors, and inherent technologies from former owners. Domain buyers looking to get into a certain vertical channel can slurp up past usership and relationships with the name to reap even larger benefits.

For those willing to exercise their skills in language, keep and eye on the culture, and use the online tools many domainers are familiar with, a level profit horizon is visible. The merit in online domaining is that wherever a domainer opens an online connection, whether from their laptop, a smart phone, or mobile device, commerce is ready and waiting.


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